Tuesday, August 17, 2010


My friend Liza featured me and my garden today on her witty and funny blog Good To Grow. Knowing that Liza is an expert with all plant related circumstances, I called her last week and asked her to come over to look at my garden because I thought it was completely out of control and wanted to know if it was ok. See, I have never had a garden before and really didn't think I had much of a green thumb, I've really only ever had cactus plants around my house back in the city...(very low maintenance!!). And truly, I never thought that I could really commit to taking care of something, (that's why I don't have children!!) When we moved out here though, I decided to give it a go and well here it is...I just really didn't know tomato plants could really get that BIG!!!!
So this is the start of my garden...I did a post about it on June 15th...check it HERE!

Only 2 months later and CRAZY!!! Liza assured me it is more than alright!!

The beautiful flowers blooming from my Jerusalem artichoke...
Assorted thrifted bangles

I am LITERALLY wrangling my tomato plant!! It is seriously out of control! It is as tall as I am!! I am constantly having to reposition
it up...my man and I joke that it is turning into Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors!!

Squash blossoms!!
Thrifted bangle,RIGHT HAND: small trilobite fossil ring (my man gave me for 1 of our anniversaries), large antique glass button ring from Philly designer...LEFT HAND: some large grey rectangle stone ring I picked up from a street vendor in Philly

I have like 5 inch clogs on and me and the tomato plant are about the same height!!!

Vintage scarf in my hair, Betsey Johnson tiger earrings, Mossimo Grecian tank, Seven for All Mankind denim cutoffs that I pleated horizontally at the knees, AND the sky high JC Snick Wedges

***Check out Liza's blog HERE!! It is witty, informative and always makes me laugh!!***
All photos (except for top photo) by the lovely Liza Wheeler

Had such a fun few hours! Thanks Liza!!


  1. It's so funny - two blogs, one gal, one garden. It's like a loriffic day.

  2. too bad i'm not very good at growing things! :( but loving this!


    come by sometime?

  3. that is so cool! i think gardening is one of the frustrations of my family - none of us has a green thumb even though we try and try to garden all the time. haha! ;)

    p.s. i am a new follower. i hope you can come visit and maybe follow my blog too. thanks! :)

    <3, Mimi