Monday, August 9, 2010


I got this cool button front maxi dress from Forever 21 at a clothing swap a friend had a while back...I really love it, this color has been my mood for a while now...I have to say that grey is pretty much my favorite color but this faded purpley grey is how I feel all the time...and not in a sappy depressed emo actually makes me really happy! On my feet...Mossimo white snake print thongs from about 2 years ago from Target


This vintage bag has really been the star of my summer. My friend Christy McCabe gave it to me MOONS ago and maybe not until this summer has it really received the full appreciation it deserves. It just goes with everything in my life right now!!

Top necklace is a piece I got in Philly from this woman that would always be at the Italian Market Festival every year, I have a couple of other pieces from her as well...wish I knew her info! The giant boar tusk our friend Clay made, and actually, it is my boyfriends BUT I like to keep it with my jewelry collection for safe keeping...hee hee
Also the dress really needed a slip so I got a super cute white one from the thrift store and dyed it...I'm really into the lace popping out of the top of the dress...I LOVE slips and I always think that they should be peeking out of a dress in some way...they are WAY too pretty to be hidden!

Thrifted straw panama and vintage Gucci tortoiseshell sunglasses that I rock ALOT (especially now in my waiting period for my new round ones!!)

Have a great day everyone! xo-lo

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