Saturday, November 28, 2009


On November 13th I participated in my first fashion event since I have moved to Albuquerque, the Craft Punk Fashion Show at the Launchpad.  I did a collaboration with Lauran Shaner and Darcy Peterson under the name "Schema Collective".  Here are some pics from the show with a close up of the leather belts that were my main contribution to the collection!!  It was alot of hard work but the night was a huge success and the turn out was tremendous!                                  The lovely Roxy, Ashley and Zee                                                                 Ashley

                                                          Roxy being crazy!!...
                Hair and makeup done by Heart & Soul Salon..  Thanks to everyone who helped us pull our looks together!! xoxo

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

I am not usually excited about Black Friday by any means, but since I have moved to Albuquerque there is a new store that I like to call "heaven".  Its The Leather Factory!  It is a leather superstore...ALL types of leather supplies, skins and scraps.  Just going there has been an inspiring experience for me.  This weekend, Fri 27 and Sat 28, they are having a huge 2 day super sale.  Everything is on sale WAY below normal price list!!  The location is at 2412 Candelaria opening at 7am.  If you are not in Albuquerque, you can still can still shop online, now I'm not sure if they are having a Black Friday sale online but regardless they always have an excellent selection of supplies and prices.  Just go to and enjoy!  Ok now I need to get a little shut eye for my exciting excursion tomorrow, OH NO!!!, I mean later this morning!!!  Hope you all had a great holiday! 

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Save Our Skin!!  This is my favorite, FAVORITE winter skin moisturizer!  Now that the weather is getting cold and you skin is shriveling to a prune, feed it some moisture!  Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula has been a lifetime product for me!  It has a thick creamy texture that just soaks into your skin and the fragrance of cocoa is amazing!!  I use it just when I get out of the shower so my skin feels sooo silky smooth all day long!  I also use a concentrated formula that comes in a jar for my super dry elbows and chest.  It has also been well known as the BEST product for stretch marks!  Palmer's is a completely affordable product that you can pick up at ANY drug store.  And for those as you that don't like a thick lotion, there is also oils and gels.  Also if you are not feeling that cocoa smell (which I can't understand because I am crazy for it) there is also a Shea Butter Formula.  So smooth up my friends!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh Poor Girl!

So in no way will I ever be able to afford Proenza Schouler's new stilettos featured in the December issue of Vogue...but I can cut them out and paste them on my page and...DROOOOOLLL!!!  I love the sexy textures, snakeskin on bottom with croc texture on top!!  Oh and that little tie- up detail on the back heel... tres corset inspired.  These serpent sky high man killers make me feel like a purring kitten..