Sunday, August 8, 2010


So a couple months back I decided I really needed a pair of small round sunglasses in my life after being inspired by Sonia Rykiel's past Resort I searched around Ebay and found the PERFECT pair...all I was looking for and cost under 20 bucks! Score!

So I get them...and I wear them around for like 2 weeks non stop thinking I am so cool...

They fell on the floor and MY BOYFRIEND STEPPED ON THEM!!!! I mean crushed with no chance of repair! It really sucked!! but the actual act of him stepping on them was quite funny and he was mad at me for a minute like it was my fault THEN I was upset because I was so excited about them...
But I was immediately over it and just ordered another pair...can't wait for their arrival!
Have you ever owned anything that someone accidentally destroyed? I would love to hear about it! It's funny how we get so attached to objects!!


  1. Oh gosh that's not nice they got broken :( Yeah it has happend to me too but I'm afraid it's not funny, I'm still mad at the person :DD

  2. I was mad at myself for accidentally spilling coffee on my NEW laptop's keyboard. Ugh. Fortunately, it was able to be fixed though! :)

  3. Oh yes...I remember the computer "incident" hee hee!!

  4. You just ordered another pair... that's great :-) Yes I have a story... I'd taken off my diamond studs and put them on a tissue on a table, and it was my mistake that I'd left them there as I went off to do something but when I came back they were gone... My mother had thrown away 'the tissue'. She threw away my diamonds! We were both angry at each other!