Wednesday, June 30, 2010


So there have been some new accessories out there circulating among the fashion world that have really been eating at me...its these Jennifer Behr headbands! Now I think they are cute and all but they are REALLY simple designs and they are CRAZY! BANANAS! OVERBOARD! expensive!! Let's have a look see and I will gripe some more....

Ok, to start there is this Blue Sailors Knot headband for a mere (cough, cough) $172.00

Then there is this obviously much more complicated design... a Vintage Gold Knot Headband for $225.00

Then here is where things get OUTRAGEOUS, this Spiked Turban is $498.00...WHaaWHaaaT??!!!?? Are you serious, oh, I forgot to mention, it is SOLD OUT!

You know, to each their own I guess...but it just makes me mad that in this day and economy someone can charge almost $500.00 for a headband. I don't know much about this Jennifer Behr (and maybe I should school myself) but it seems from her website that she does a lot of bridal headbands, so MAYBE I get it for a wedding, you want to have a nice crystaly $200 and something headband, its a "special occasion", blah de blah de blah...but these are just for casual use unless you are having a nautical or goth themed wedding...hhhmmmm....
I think what gets me is that these headbands are floating around fashion websites and articles like it is not a crazy splurge...And I feel like it is something you can make yourself!! A nice DIY weekend project!!...If I had $500.00 to splurge with, I would buy shoes, maybe that's crazy too...Who knows?? AAggghhhhh!!! I'm making myself crazy!! I am going to leave you with my boyfriend's comment when I was telling him about this post..."Fashion people love expensive shit." Yeah, I guess it all comes down to little items reminding the rest of us what social class we are in!

SIDENOTE: So I was searching around the web to post some cheaper alternatives and I didn't really find any that I loved but I DID find a tutorial on how to make your OWN hair into a rope headband...and I think I LOVE it...check it out HERE!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


I am completely lusting (obsessisng) over this Lydia Sparrow Claw Cocktail Ring by BloodMilk. The inspiration for this particular piece came from the designer, the amazing JL Schnabel's deep admiration for Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice...I can completely see Lydia wearing this ring...It is so perfect! I love its dark elegance. Its unsuspecting setting, those tiny sparrow claws, absolutely slay me! I am a big fan of all things BloodMilk and you should be too....if you are not, get yourself acquainted can thank me later!
Side Note: I am a huge fan of the movie myself, I remember the first time I saw it I was about 13 or so and I watched it 3 times in a row, I have only had that happen with one other movie which is Heathers...I think in both movies I have a huge draw to Winona Ryder's characters...deep, dark and lovely

Saturday, June 19, 2010


I am lusting over these looks from Sonia Rykiel's Resort 2011 collection...the color palate, the shapes, the styling, such French chic...I want all of it...Oui! Oui!
Love these high waisted pants and 70's hue...AND the monochromatic look which I am a huge fan of!

Classic Sonia jumper...I love the tuxedo suspenders!

Love these colors, the zig- zag belt and THOSE SHOES!

I adore this high waisted baggy pant suit with the fitted jacket

The looks above and below are such sweet simplicity...I think I am mostly drawn to them because of the styling...I love the hair with those round sunglasses...I need round sunglasses immediately!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I have been obsessed with taking care of my very modest above ground garden in our New Mexico backyard...I love it. My man often laughs at me because I tend to my garden in whatever I happen to be wearing...
Sowing the seeds of love

My baby

Wearing a thrifted Grecian sundress that I dyed, leather corset belt of my own design...

The weeds in our backyard are out of control but I kind of love's wild, wild west! Leather criss-cross clogs I purchased in Philly at Lost & of my favorite boutiques!!

Our son, Chance, loves to be in the action!

More of my jewelry...Shimmy Shimmy Shake necklace in white leather, Tiny Dagger earrings, topped with one of my favorite necklaces that my man gave me when we first met, a 2 nautilus fossil piece from Bootleg

Thursday, June 10, 2010


So FINALLY I have been creating again and I am so excited about it. I have been in a creative slump for a while now, not really knowing what direction I am going in next. Yes, I was making those great (if I do say so myself) corset belts but I haven't really been so into them. Something has just been missing. I came to New Mexico with the intention of starting to make jewelry but I have really been struggling with what direction to go because I really wanted to stay true to my roots of design with fabrics AND I also wanted it to be like nothing else out there!! About a month or so ago I sobered up (I swear I am not a complete drunk!) and pretended like I was "pregnant" with my new designs and this is what was born. I am extremely happy with the outcome and am excited to keep evolving and learning to advance my pieces. So here is the first batch...P.S. they are all made from leather...some with lace printed on them...
This is one of my faves...The Shimmy Shimmy Shake...

brown embossed gator print leather...the intention was a rib...I see drooping ribs...some people see M's...tiny leather daggers hanging from center

2 giant white leafs with tiny leather daggers...

shiny black gator print embossed leather, organic shape with tiny daggers

4 leaf design with 1 hanging

gray leather with double organic shape...tiny leather daggers

I am still in the process of naming my line so I will keep you posted with when I finally figure it out...I have so many ideas!! I hope you like them...I would love any feedback...

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Back in March I became obsessed with the amazingly cool Minx nails. Apparently a lot of people have as well because recently Sephora launched an at home Minx kit! I was so psyched when I saw this that I immediately went out and purchased a pack. I got the "Skulls" design which have a lacy black print over chrome background. The larger pieces that you can use for your big toes or thumbs have a skull design on them. They are amazing!!! Super easy to literally warm the applique by running your finger over it while its still on the paper then put in place and smooth out. Finish by removing the excess with a nail file, filing in a downward motion! Mindless! Mine have lasted a good four days before they started to peel up a bit...
I didn't want to go overboard and have chrome on ALL my fingers so I paired it with OPI for Sephora nail polish in Dark Room, which is an intoxicating midnight green/black...

Here are other prints that Minx comes in... I think I am going to get that gold and black tiger print next, or maybe the hot pink fishnet, or maybe the chrome lace....agghhh! I don't know, I want them ALL!!