Saturday, August 21, 2010


There are many times that I will hold on to something in my closet that I don't wear at all but like something about it. I won't get rid of it because I know that someday I will figure out someway to rework it and make it exactly what I is a perfect example...

I've had this Urban Outfitters drop arm tank for a while now but it was just plain black, don't get me wrong, I love black but somehow it just didn't feel right to me so therefore I never wore it although I love the side finally, influenced by all this tie dye shit happening right now...I decided to give it a go...
And I love it!!! Black materials will turn this reddish-orange so I literally only emerged the shirt in bleach for a short time...and got this result which is total Rock and Roll NOT rainbows and happiness at all! Oh and maybe you were wondering about that cuff I am wearing..ohhh yes the CUFF!!!!
This is a vintage Kuchi Tribal Cuff from my absolute favorite store here in Albuquerque, Old World Imports. This is actually one of many pieces I own from them. They carry amazing rugs and tribal jewelry from around the world...and luckily they are online, so all of you can check out their wares...if you like BIG jewelry you are going to die!!! Check them here...TRIBAL SOUK

(oh and the lovely Leather Leaf necklace is of my own design)


  1. oh wow that cuff is brilliant! thanks so much for stopping by my blog, i really appreciate it!