Sunday, August 15, 2010


I just recently purchased this AMAZING authentic 1950's circle skirt... There is a great store right near my house called Off Broadway Vintage. I was walking by and this skirt was outside on the sale rack and it literally yelled out to me..."Buy Me, Buy Me!" I swear!

Off Broadway has some of the most rare and pristine high end pieces I have ever come across, it is a dreamland for me! They also specialize in costumes, for sale or rent...How cool!

Not sure if you have ever worn a circle skirt, I hadn't, but it has such a distinct weight to it that I never expected. It makes you feel like you are gliding and it's extremely feminine...LOVE IT!

The print was what really drew me to it! The beautiful pink, green and black tile print, it wasn't even on the front of the rack, so just that little bit of vibrant color sticking out is what caught my good! So happy!

Worn with Jeffrey Campbell Dipper Wedges, cheapie black tank top, leaf necklace of my own design (Etsy store coming SOON!), and felt headband from The Candy Thief , and porcelain bird earrings by Melissa Crotty


  1. i love it! & your JC shoes! I've just become addicted with JC!

  2. i really want those jeffrey campbells! i wish they also came in nude!

    i saw that you commented on Cocorosa's latest post and thought you might be interested in a diy fringe denim jacket that i did:


  3. oooohhhh i do love that swirly skirt on you! it looks terrific with your jc's too!