Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Over the weekend my friend Lee had a little get together with everyone we work with...really it was all just a ploy to get dressed up! I went totally 40's...
Yours truly and my friend Wesley Anne...his outfit, 1,000% pure dapper!

In the words of Wesley Anne..."Fierce!"

On me: Vintage feather headpiece found at Buffalo Exchange, Betsey Johnson Tattoo Dress, faux fur collar yanked off of a jacket I own, chandelier necklace from Urban Outfitters (moons ago) On Lee: Dress from H&M and necklace from a boutique in Savannah, GA

I'm not really into tribal tattoo work (at all) but it really works with this dress! Love the acidy colors against the pale pink....

Miss Lee's shoes: Lovely People...amazing color combo...

Close up shot of the vintage headpiece, such an exciting find!!...Giant faux red gem cocktail ring I think I borrowed from my BF Millie a million years ago and never returned...sorry 'bout that! But look how good it looks on me!!

Love of my life, the one and only, the most handsome of them all, my man, Karel...

////We had such a fun time that night and it's really nice to see your co-workers dressed up after seeing them in the normal black restaurant attire on a daily basis. The Betsey Johnson dress I am wearing was the first BJ dress I ever owned...I purchased it at a boutique in Miami in my early 20's. I remember being so excited about my purchase BUT the only thing that was lacking was my body! I was straight as a stick with NO curves! It just drooped in the hips and chest! Now all these years later, I finally have the body of a real woman and was excited that for the first time I really filled it out! Good thing for me I am a complete fucking hoarder (only with clothes/accessories) and don't let ANYTHING go!! Well worth the wait! Well off to work in a few...have a great night everyone! P.S. Isn't it nice to finally meet my man, don't know why I have been keeping him under wraps...he is the best man in the world!! xoxo-LLD////

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Yesterday was my birthday...a bit of a milestone, thirty fffff(dare I say)ive!!'s kind of a strange time...i don't feel my age, I don't act my age, I don't think I LOOK my age...if any of that means anything anyways! I always treat my birthday like New Year's Eve, planning for what I will make better in the year to come. I had a wonderful day yesterday talking about my future and relaxing with my man...dressed up, of course, in one of my new thrift finds...

This dress is one of those finds that you feel lucky about for days...Perfect fit, perfect color, perfect print! I'm dying over this yellow-brown color on a heavy silky material (well, i mean polyester) with dark brown line drawings of Asian temples and flowers...

Rocking sandals (you have seen these guys before HERE) because it still feels like summer here in Albuquerque...but the nice cool nights tell me fall is near...I am so ready...c'mon, c'mon...

Sipping some wine...

Kick-ass Libra earring that some of my friends picked up for me in Provincetown, MA a few years back...I LOVE how obnoxious these are! Libra power!

Seriously! Isn't this dress SO pretty?

////Back to work for me today! I apologize for the scattered posts in the past couple of weeks but my mind and time has been completely consumed but as of today I will be back on track! Just realized someone else's birthday is also coming soon ...yes you little bloggy...can't believe it has been almost a year! Time flies! I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day!!////

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Vintage dress, vintage slip (that I dyed), gigantic double finger ring from Tribal Souk

I caught this guy in my plant out in front of my house, we decided to have an impromptu photo shoot...

Hot pink feather earrings by Heidi Roland, lace hat from L.A. (somewhere on Melrose?)

Vintage leaf necklace worn as bracelet, Jeffrey Campbell for Free People lace up boots (last season), that I am beyond excited about wearing them ALL FALL!

Our son, opportunist!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Besides loving the clothes from this collection (we will talk about that on another day)...I am really feeling the hair and makeup...I am DYING over this frizzy disco hair!! I have been WAITING for the day that frizzy hair became socially acceptable again!! No more taming for free hair, fly free!
LOVE this makeup!!! Smokey eye, bleached out eyebrows and a soft, rosey lip!!! Beautiful! I think the frizzy hair adds such a delicate element to the whole look of the feeling of a watercolor painting

I pulled this out of my old mag clippings from 2001 because obviously I was crushing on this look then and I still am now...I am such a sucker for sweater knee highs, pom poms and layered knits...
This is from Sept Vogue 2010, and again...pile it on! I go CRAZY for a shoe wrapped around a sock over a pant! Furs so big you loose yourself! Lots of layers! Not only completely stylish but practical (in my world) and warm...

My inspirations and obsessions change daily...what do you think of these looks?
Hope you all have a great day!xoxoxo

Friday, September 17, 2010


I obviously didn't get the memo about no white after Labor Day...but I really believe that there are no rules anymore. Wear what you want and how you feel. I especially love lots of white in the fall and winter. I am VERY fair and I love drenching myself in a super pale monochromatic look...
Let's not forget a super pale (a lil' frosty) lip for this look...
Vintage hat, Rachel Roy earrings (that are my current obsession), and necklace of my own design...

Thrifted dress that I found last fall...LOVE!!! A button front, tie waist, big pocket dress...Perfection...Love the milky white coloring with dark gray stitching...

Cheapie open-toe booties that you have seen before HERE

Antique glass button ring by Jody Sweitzer (Philadelphia), vintage flower ring, and tribal spiky cuff available at Tribal Souk

How do you feel about white after Labor Day?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Elizabeth + James kimono blouse, Versace leather motocross pants, Charlotte Olympia ankle boots, Alexander Wang "Jena" clutch, Talons knuckle buster ring, Alex Monroe feather earrings, Aurelie Bidermann blackened silver lace ring, Flat spikes on chain necklace

Monday, September 13, 2010


If I were in school, I would wear this for my first day....
If I were in school, I would be about a week late!!

Feeling this vintage Lauren Hutton vibe....
vintage/thrifted from head to toe...(except necklace)
necklace: BootLeg

These pants are Outback Red!! Do you remember Outback Red??? All the rage when I was in middle school! You weren't cool if you didn't have O.R....and guess what?? I was too poor to own it, I had some rip off pieces from KMart! But look at me now 20 some years later I have finally gotten my O.R.!!!

Ahhh, this hat is one of my fave finds ever! I have a gazillion (mayyybe I am exaggerating) vintage hats and I always get so excited for the fall to bust them out!

This belt is another great find...I found 2 of them at the time, this and a turquoise one...beautiful in the front, velcro in the back...tres 80's!

This sheer pale pink shirt is always in my constant rotation in the fall...goes with everything...a million ways to wear ever!!

These shoes are from Kenzie and I got them at Buffalo Exchange in the spring (marked down, of course)...Leather and upholstery...I like to think a little match made in heaven


I am crazy over these porcelain bird earrings made by my BFF (corny, I know) Melissa Crotty. She gave me a pair when she came out to visit me in August and I wear them all the time! You have seen me rocking them before...HERE. I swear I get a million compliments on them every time I wear them...and why?...because they are like NOTHING you have ever seen before...they are PORCELAIN! She just recently posted them on her Etsy site... so finally I can share them with you! Go HERE now!
Lightweight flying beauties!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I saw these custom Lauren Tannenbaum shoes on the Vogue Report and have been going crazy looking at them...LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!!! I love the spiky crystals (brilliantly delicate). I love the black and pale pink palette with lucite...whaaaa??(sweet and tough, like me). Maybe (well, maybe...) not so wearer friendly but amazing and inspiring!!!!

Do you like???
P.S. There are some pics of the bottom shoe being made HERE...pretty fucking cool!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


This is my last summer related post...I am overly excited for fall!! I would not have even done anything pertaining to summer but I had such an amazing time with the crew from my work, Casa Vieja, at Elephant Butte Lake over this holiday weekend. Marking the first and only time I wore a bikini this summer!!! East coast friends: "I found water in New Mexico!!!" I really missed the Jersey Shore this year (go figure) but this trip really made up for it!!
My basic lake uniform...Target ruffled bikini, cut off denim shorts, thrifted Panama hat, H&M sunglasses, Betsey Johnson tiger earrings

Tattooed ladies...Miss Lee and me!
Oh yeah, by the way, I have a lot of tattoos

My man and I walking into the sunset....awwww

This is our dog Chance (the love of our lives) and it is the first time he has ever really been in the water...he is kind of freaking out!!
Change of hats...Kimchi Blue floppy sun hat, mandatory cocktail in hand

Drunken, Alisha and Lee
On me: Mai Tai over-sized tee, vintage scarf in hair, Betsey Johnson earrings, Lauran Shaner double citrine necklace

Friday, September 3, 2010


I have been OBSESSING over ear cuffs right now!!! I purchased one earlier this summer and now I am seeing them everywhere...

This is the amazing chain and coin cuff I got from Anni Jurgenson from Style Hurricane... I love the dangling coins...I put one of my own pierced earrings in just to add even more weight! Don't mind my Nubian Princess pose! WTF?? Lace head scarf...too much?!

These are some new styles from Anni...these are bad ass!!...I love!! I want!! I need!! I'm freaking out...I need that spiky cuff NOW! ANNI!!!

A new glammed up version over at Rachel Roy

To fulfill all your cuff fantasies...there is a very cool selection on Etsy at Dear Bear Cat from Hong Kong!