Sunday, August 29, 2010


I had such an amazing "date day" with my man yesterday. We went to the Hard Rock Casino to see a friends short film in the the Albuquerque Film Festival. It was AMAZING! Then we stuck around and had some delicious cocktails and did a little gambling...I love roulette!! Both of our lucky (birthday) numbers hit (his twice!!) so we made a little bit of cash and were beyond excited!!

Sing it to me Jimi!!

I just recently got this kick ass dress from Forever 21 and am totally crushing over it!
White leather leaf necklace of my own design...

Mint green nail polish with my Jeffrey Campbell Dippers Wedges...I would never have picked this color out for myself but I was completely in awe of it when I saw it over at Stop It Right Now

The best thing about this dress is the side panel (pockets) that give it some volume...This past week I have been feeling like I want to wear anything that emulates a tent... so this does a good job but is MUCH cuter and MUCH more socially acceptable than a tent!!

Butterfly ring my friend Kristy gave me a million years ago...giant black ring from Forever 21...and some random bangles from Buffalo Exchange
I have been wearing the black ring to work a lot lately because its cheap and I don't care if it gets fucked up...Some of my co-workers like to tease me and say that it is a giant mood ring and the black represents how evil I really am!!!!haha


  1. love ur blog!! following you!! follow me back!

    ASH! Xoxo

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  2. Ok...seriously crazy because I have my toes painted mint green right now too!!!

  3. That's pretty funny about your ring!