Thursday, April 29, 2010


One of my favorite supermodels of all time, Karen Elson is now officially entered the music world. Her first single "The Ghost Who Walks" is out now with the full length album coming soon on May 25th. I have to admit, I'm a little obsessed with the song. I love the eeriness of it and her voice is haunting and gritty. It also helps that her rock god husband, Jack White(!!!!), produced and plays drums on the album. I love the whole ethereal visual of the black and peach colors in the video...I am extremely intrigued to hear it all!

****Also...check out the website for Karen's vintage store Venus and Mars in Nashville...I am completely crazy over the website!!!!!****

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Upon a recent closet organization, I realized my apparent interest (obsession, love) for woven belts! I have a gazillion (well maybe I'm exaggerating) belts in my closet and about a million (again with the exaggerations) are some kind of woven or crocheted design. It's funny when you don't realize you have an attraction to something until you have a bunch of it in your face. I just feel the softer look of a woven belt is so current compared to a thick leather belt. It feels very springy to me... I went hunting around the Internet to see if I could put some links up of where you may find woven belts...but I'm not really seeing much...I guess I don't really set the trends!! BUT I have collected most of mine at thrift stores through the I would say check there...oh, well actually the top grayish belt in the bottom pic was purchased at Tres' Boutique in Albuquerque! If any of you happen to find some cool woven belts anywhere please let me know!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


After Alexander McQueen's tragic passing, his final collection was shown in a limited form and to a very exclusive group of essentially there was not a lot of details shared from it. Fortunately (for us) a recent Press Day allowed some very lucky people an up close and AMAZING look at the are images of some accessories that I am dying over...

TRUE ( if every form of the word) works of art...McQueen is absolutely one of the reasons that I am so passionate about fashion!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


I am currently experiencing a serious case of Military Jacket Lust...(this is a very serious condition, you know)...
Jimi Hendrix in the best military jacket ever! One of the million reasons that he is my ultimate style icon.

Two severely cool jackets from Balmain Spring 2010 with all the bells and whistles (above and below)

And to remedy my desire for one of these amazing jackets...I made my own version...I purchased a lightweight, boxy, army green jacket from the surplus store...

I added some faux gator skin in a deep brownish-red to the flaps of the pockets...

Then applied some large antiqued brass studs to the shoulders...super simple and the coolest spring jacket!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Sometimes I think that there is something wrong with me. It's really often that I get an idea of something that I want in my head and then I can't stop obsessing about it until I get it. I can't say that I am compulsive...because I will just start stalking whatever my subject happens to be...I do intense research...weigh all my options...I suppose usual Libra things...and then get it...BUT it will be this long, overdrawn period where I can't really think of anything else. My current fascination is a fringe bikini. I am overly obsessed with fringe. I think it all started somewhere between the ages of 8 and 10 when I owned a lavender fringed dolman sleeved t-shirt with a shimmery, ironed-on Michael Jackson montage on it that I (my parents) had purchased in Wildwood, NJ (or "down the shore" for short). I was obsessed with that shirt! The fact that I can so distinctly remember it scares me, OH how I wish that I had a picture of it OR the actual shirt!! Since then I always have a fondness (well, it's a little deeper than fondness) for fringe...and now I want (need!, have to have ASAP!) a fringe bikini....soooo here are my findings!!
This is the Tyler Rose version that I REALLY want. Perfectly reminiscent of the New Jersey fringed material that I am longing for! Also, you can't see in this pic but it has a fringed bum as well...(love!)

This version is super cute fringe bandeau from L*SPACE...

I love this shape...this is a SUPER cheap alternative available at Venus Swimwear...

Another option from L*SPACE...I love this super chic one piece!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010


I am not really a high maintenance girl. I don't get manicures or massages. I just got my haircut for the first time in like 9 months for crying out loud!! BUT I have always been obsessed with my skin. When I was living in Philly I would go to Rescue Rittenhouse Spa and get facials as often as I could afford them. I loved having my pores cleaned out from all the dirt that settled's like a renewal and a process I thoroughly enjoyed. Now these days here in ol' Albuquerque, I really don't have the finances to get a facial so I resort to using products at home. Bliss's Steep Clean Mask is the best, best, BEST product for getting EVERYTHING out of your clogged pores. I like to put it on before I get in the shower then step out as a newly fresh faced gal ready to face the day!! (I'm feeling corny today)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I am intrigued by all these shoes from the Marc Jacobs Spring 2010 Collection. I love the interesting cover of the toe and the off centered sole...I would like to see what they look like on my feet..

I am in loooove with these beyond sexy wedges from Givenchy!! For some reason they remind me of vinyl records that melted across your feet. Hot stuff!!! I want these!!!

CAUTION: The shoes from the Louis Vuitton Spring 2010 Collection could be detrimental to your eyesight. WTF???? I can't believe that Marc Jacobs would back any of this!! You know how I think he can do no wrong...I'm disgusted...I don't get it...too much! too much!

Saturday, April 3, 2010


On this eve of Easter I felt it to be the appropriate time to gripe about my complete disgust with bunny ears in fashion. Ok, so I thought it was a bit whimsical when Marc Jacobs designed abstract silk bunny ears for the Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2009 collection because in my book MJ can do no wrong. But then it continued with Maison Michel's lace version that the Olsen twins apparently made famous when they wore them..(who cares????) But NOW I'm getting pissed when I see ANOTHER pair pop up made out of glass pearls designed by Benoit Missolin!!! (Oh how sweet! WRONG!!) ENOUGH! No one should be sporting bunny ears UNLESS... A) you are five years old B) you are a Playboy bunny or C) you are involved in a kinky bunny fetish relationship!! As you know I am ALL about fashion and can usually always admire trends but this is bananas! Maybe I just don't get it...maybe it's all just over my head...but guess what you will NEVER see on my head!!! Thanks for listening...I feel much better now ahhhhhh...
MJ for Louis Vuitton...(semi acceptable)...also a version that you could get from Topshop...but why??

Seriously???? These are Maison Michel's

The current reason I threw up in my mouth...Benoit Missolin's version

SIDENOTE: I do very much enjoy other works by Maison Michel and Benoit's just the bunny ears that upset me so