Thursday, August 19, 2010


GAP denim skinny capris that I am sooo loving right now and a black men's t-shirt that I redesigned (more below)

Cheapie Miss Me striped heels
I have really been into painting my toes alternate colors of black and white!!!

Assorted rings from Forever 21 and NYC street vendors

I did this whole back fringe thing by cutting close to the bottom (but still leaving a nice band) then slicing upwards and tying little knots at the bottom of the fringe...then underneath the fringe I connected the sides by sewing a band to pull the two sides closer together, otherwise it is way to bulky on the sides...seriously easy and seriously cool, if I do say so myself!!

I added some painted lace detail on the side and the front

Around my neck: BloodMilk Key and Rosary layered under Double Leather Butterfly Necklace of my own design

I have been rocking my hair like this a lot lately. I have incredibly curly hair...(duh) and I really like to keep it all tucked in in this heat. I just start at the base and twist and pin. I leave my curly bangs out so I don't look like a total dude...

I saw this model in a spread in Nylon and was like "THAT'S WHAT I AM DOING WITH MY HAIR!" I love it! Not sure how the back is styled and her bangs are longer than mine...but I love the whole is exactly what I am feeling right now!! I also feel that if you are rocking your hair like this you really have to style yourself can get "prom up-do(y) REAL fast"... barf!


  1. You are fabulous dahling!

  2. this is great! your toenails matched you shoes. so cool:D

    i am now your newest follower. Come and check out my blog. and follow me too? thank you!


  3. Thank you for your comment ;) I like your shoes :)

  4. Love the necklace, rings and hair-style!!!!

  5. oh how i love this diy!! your hair looks fantastic!