Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I have been obsessed with taking care of my very modest above ground garden in our New Mexico backyard...I love it. My man often laughs at me because I tend to my garden in whatever I happen to be wearing...
Sowing the seeds of love

My baby

Wearing a thrifted Grecian sundress that I dyed, leather corset belt of my own design...

The weeds in our backyard are out of control but I kind of love it...it's wild, wild west! Leather criss-cross clogs I purchased in Philly at Lost & Found...one of my favorite boutiques!!

Our son, Chance, loves to be in the action!

More of my jewelry...Shimmy Shimmy Shake necklace in white leather, Tiny Dagger earrings, topped with one of my favorite necklaces that my man gave me when we first met, a 2 nautilus fossil piece from Bootleg