Sunday, August 29, 2010


I had such an amazing "date day" with my man yesterday. We went to the Hard Rock Casino to see a friends short film in the the Albuquerque Film Festival. It was AMAZING! Then we stuck around and had some delicious cocktails and did a little gambling...I love roulette!! Both of our lucky (birthday) numbers hit (his twice!!) so we made a little bit of cash and were beyond excited!!

Sing it to me Jimi!!

I just recently got this kick ass dress from Forever 21 and am totally crushing over it!
White leather leaf necklace of my own design...

Mint green nail polish with my Jeffrey Campbell Dippers Wedges...I would never have picked this color out for myself but I was completely in awe of it when I saw it over at Stop It Right Now

The best thing about this dress is the side panel (pockets) that give it some volume...This past week I have been feeling like I want to wear anything that emulates a tent... so this does a good job but is MUCH cuter and MUCH more socially acceptable than a tent!!

Butterfly ring my friend Kristy gave me a million years ago...giant black ring from Forever 21...and some random bangles from Buffalo Exchange
I have been wearing the black ring to work a lot lately because its cheap and I don't care if it gets fucked up...Some of my co-workers like to tease me and say that it is a giant mood ring and the black represents how evil I really am!!!!haha

Friday, August 27, 2010


Sorry I have not posted all week...I have been working A LOT! Last night I actually had the night off and my man and I decided to take a walk. The weather here in Albuquerque has been so beautiful the past few days and last night the temperature was absolutely perfect. Although I wouldn't admit to it last week, I think I am now officially ready to embrace the fall...with inspirations like these...who wouldn't be excited?
Layered stoles...knit and fur...bright tights!!!
Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2010

Hats!!...tiered dresses!!...fur trimmed jackets!!
Dior Fall 2010

Sonia Rykiel Fall 2010

70's chic...yes please!
Chloe Fall 2010

Voluminous trousers!!....LOVE
Behnaz Sarafpour Fall 2010

Wool trench coats!
Vivienne Westwood Red Label Fall 2010

Utilitarian layers...belted coats!!
Jill Stuart Fall 2010

Shorts under long coats!!...don't mind if I do
Missoni Fall 2010

Saturday, August 21, 2010


There are many times that I will hold on to something in my closet that I don't wear at all but like something about it. I won't get rid of it because I know that someday I will figure out someway to rework it and make it exactly what I is a perfect example...

I've had this Urban Outfitters drop arm tank for a while now but it was just plain black, don't get me wrong, I love black but somehow it just didn't feel right to me so therefore I never wore it although I love the side finally, influenced by all this tie dye shit happening right now...I decided to give it a go...
And I love it!!! Black materials will turn this reddish-orange so I literally only emerged the shirt in bleach for a short time...and got this result which is total Rock and Roll NOT rainbows and happiness at all! Oh and maybe you were wondering about that cuff I am wearing..ohhh yes the CUFF!!!!
This is a vintage Kuchi Tribal Cuff from my absolute favorite store here in Albuquerque, Old World Imports. This is actually one of many pieces I own from them. They carry amazing rugs and tribal jewelry from around the world...and luckily they are online, so all of you can check out their wares...if you like BIG jewelry you are going to die!!! Check them here...TRIBAL SOUK

(oh and the lovely Leather Leaf necklace is of my own design)

Thursday, August 19, 2010


GAP denim skinny capris that I am sooo loving right now and a black men's t-shirt that I redesigned (more below)

Cheapie Miss Me striped heels
I have really been into painting my toes alternate colors of black and white!!!

Assorted rings from Forever 21 and NYC street vendors

I did this whole back fringe thing by cutting close to the bottom (but still leaving a nice band) then slicing upwards and tying little knots at the bottom of the fringe...then underneath the fringe I connected the sides by sewing a band to pull the two sides closer together, otherwise it is way to bulky on the sides...seriously easy and seriously cool, if I do say so myself!!

I added some painted lace detail on the side and the front

Around my neck: BloodMilk Key and Rosary layered under Double Leather Butterfly Necklace of my own design

I have been rocking my hair like this a lot lately. I have incredibly curly hair...(duh) and I really like to keep it all tucked in in this heat. I just start at the base and twist and pin. I leave my curly bangs out so I don't look like a total dude...

I saw this model in a spread in Nylon and was like "THAT'S WHAT I AM DOING WITH MY HAIR!" I love it! Not sure how the back is styled and her bangs are longer than mine...but I love the whole is exactly what I am feeling right now!! I also feel that if you are rocking your hair like this you really have to style yourself can get "prom up-do(y) REAL fast"... barf!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


My friend Liza featured me and my garden today on her witty and funny blog Good To Grow. Knowing that Liza is an expert with all plant related circumstances, I called her last week and asked her to come over to look at my garden because I thought it was completely out of control and wanted to know if it was ok. See, I have never had a garden before and really didn't think I had much of a green thumb, I've really only ever had cactus plants around my house back in the city...(very low maintenance!!). And truly, I never thought that I could really commit to taking care of something, (that's why I don't have children!!) When we moved out here though, I decided to give it a go and well here it is...I just really didn't know tomato plants could really get that BIG!!!!
So this is the start of my garden...I did a post about it on June 15th...check it HERE!

Only 2 months later and CRAZY!!! Liza assured me it is more than alright!!

The beautiful flowers blooming from my Jerusalem artichoke...
Assorted thrifted bangles

I am LITERALLY wrangling my tomato plant!! It is seriously out of control! It is as tall as I am!! I am constantly having to reposition
it man and I joke that it is turning into Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors!!

Squash blossoms!!
Thrifted bangle,RIGHT HAND: small trilobite fossil ring (my man gave me for 1 of our anniversaries), large antique glass button ring from Philly designer...LEFT HAND: some large grey rectangle stone ring I picked up from a street vendor in Philly

I have like 5 inch clogs on and me and the tomato plant are about the same height!!!

Vintage scarf in my hair, Betsey Johnson tiger earrings, Mossimo Grecian tank, Seven for All Mankind denim cutoffs that I pleated horizontally at the knees, AND the sky high JC Snick Wedges

***Check out Liza's blog HERE!! It is witty, informative and always makes me laugh!!***
All photos (except for top photo) by the lovely Liza Wheeler

Had such a fun few hours! Thanks Liza!!

Monday, August 16, 2010


I have a really hard time trying new mascaras, and switching...forget it. I have been using Maybelline Great Lash forEVER and I feel like no other can touch it...but all these commercials for these long, SUPER long, exotic, luscious lashes (so tempting!!) made me break and try the new Maybelline Falsies Volum Express mascara...well here's what happened....

Above eye has one coat of Great Lash...this is my usual daytime application, for nighttime, I use a couple of coats

With one coat of the Falsies, this eye definitely seems a bit longer, more dramatic and (a little) extra curly. I like it but don't love it...honestly it's nothing I couldn't achieve with a couple more coats of Great Lash and a eyelash curler. Oh well I tried...
I would love to hear what your favorite mascaras are and what you love about them...
Drop me a line dahlings...

Sunday, August 15, 2010


I just recently purchased this AMAZING authentic 1950's circle skirt... There is a great store right near my house called Off Broadway Vintage. I was walking by and this skirt was outside on the sale rack and it literally yelled out to me..."Buy Me, Buy Me!" I swear!

Off Broadway has some of the most rare and pristine high end pieces I have ever come across, it is a dreamland for me! They also specialize in costumes, for sale or rent...How cool!

Not sure if you have ever worn a circle skirt, I hadn't, but it has such a distinct weight to it that I never expected. It makes you feel like you are gliding and it's extremely feminine...LOVE IT!

The print was what really drew me to it! The beautiful pink, green and black tile print, it wasn't even on the front of the rack, so just that little bit of vibrant color sticking out is what caught my good! So happy!

Worn with Jeffrey Campbell Dipper Wedges, cheapie black tank top, leaf necklace of my own design (Etsy store coming SOON!), and felt headband from The Candy Thief , and porcelain bird earrings by Melissa Crotty

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I got these Jeffrey Campbell Snick clogs a while ago and I wear them ALL THE TIME! They are fantastically chunky and high and perfect...(I could go on and on). I just wanted to capture them in their rare time off my feet...taking a rest from me traipsing them over the place...(today they went to lunch, played in the garden, then went to the mall)....Rest little snicks, rest....

I'm not sure if you guys are aware of the recent designs from Jeffrey Campbell...but I want just about every shoe that they have been making...they are edgy, modern and brilliant and a lot of them are, how do you say, "inspired by" really expensive shoes that I drool over but could NEVER afford. This particular style is similar to a recent Celine wedge but I actually like the JCs better. They really bridge the gap for us less fortunate...thank you Jeffrey Campbell!!!...check it all out HERE! Also, I have been ordering all my shoes from SoleStruck lately which I highly recommend!!

The coveted Spring 2010 Celine Wedge

Monday, August 9, 2010


I got this cool button front maxi dress from Forever 21 at a clothing swap a friend had a while back...I really love it, this color has been my mood for a while now...I have to say that grey is pretty much my favorite color but this faded purpley grey is how I feel all the time...and not in a sappy depressed emo actually makes me really happy! On my feet...Mossimo white snake print thongs from about 2 years ago from Target


This vintage bag has really been the star of my summer. My friend Christy McCabe gave it to me MOONS ago and maybe not until this summer has it really received the full appreciation it deserves. It just goes with everything in my life right now!!

Top necklace is a piece I got in Philly from this woman that would always be at the Italian Market Festival every year, I have a couple of other pieces from her as well...wish I knew her info! The giant boar tusk our friend Clay made, and actually, it is my boyfriends BUT I like to keep it with my jewelry collection for safe keeping...hee hee
Also the dress really needed a slip so I got a super cute white one from the thrift store and dyed it...I'm really into the lace popping out of the top of the dress...I LOVE slips and I always think that they should be peeking out of a dress in some way...they are WAY too pretty to be hidden!

Thrifted straw panama and vintage Gucci tortoiseshell sunglasses that I rock ALOT (especially now in my waiting period for my new round ones!!)

Have a great day everyone! xo-lo

Sunday, August 8, 2010


So a couple months back I decided I really needed a pair of small round sunglasses in my life after being inspired by Sonia Rykiel's past Resort I searched around Ebay and found the PERFECT pair...all I was looking for and cost under 20 bucks! Score!

So I get them...and I wear them around for like 2 weeks non stop thinking I am so cool...

They fell on the floor and MY BOYFRIEND STEPPED ON THEM!!!! I mean crushed with no chance of repair! It really sucked!! but the actual act of him stepping on them was quite funny and he was mad at me for a minute like it was my fault THEN I was upset because I was so excited about them...
But I was immediately over it and just ordered another pair...can't wait for their arrival!
Have you ever owned anything that someone accidentally destroyed? I would love to hear about it! It's funny how we get so attached to objects!!