Friday, May 28, 2010


I got both these pairs of shoes a little while ago but they have really become my uniform for this season...These little beauties are from Jeffrey Campbell...I love the idea of a boot shape and feel with out the tongue...they go with EVERYTHING! The only down side is they leave ridiculous marks on your feet when you take them off...but they are so amazing it's worth it!
Side view...P.S. In these pics I used a grey tone effect on my camera...although my legs are divinely milky white, I actually do have circulation running through them as opposed to what this pic is showing!!!!

Ahh... there we go a little color in my legs! These booties are some cheapies that I picked up at Charlotte Russe on sale in the winter. I have been wearing them ALL the time, they are super comfortable and super sexy. I love the bandage look, the stacked heel and the color...a perfect beige!! I found some on their website that are very similar and also available in black...HERE

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