Sunday, June 6, 2010


Back in March I became obsessed with the amazingly cool Minx nails. Apparently a lot of people have as well because recently Sephora launched an at home Minx kit! I was so psyched when I saw this that I immediately went out and purchased a pack. I got the "Skulls" design which have a lacy black print over chrome background. The larger pieces that you can use for your big toes or thumbs have a skull design on them. They are amazing!!! Super easy to literally warm the applique by running your finger over it while its still on the paper then put in place and smooth out. Finish by removing the excess with a nail file, filing in a downward motion! Mindless! Mine have lasted a good four days before they started to peel up a bit...
I didn't want to go overboard and have chrome on ALL my fingers so I paired it with OPI for Sephora nail polish in Dark Room, which is an intoxicating midnight green/black...

Here are other prints that Minx comes in... I think I am going to get that gold and black tiger print next, or maybe the hot pink fishnet, or maybe the chrome lace....agghhh! I don't know, I want them ALL!!

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