Saturday, May 1, 2010


I WANT THIS BOOK!...Lillian Bassman: Women. This is an amazing book by photographer Lillian Bassman who was a pioneer in fashion photography in the 40's and 50's...she was also one of very few female photographers of that time. She is best known for her work that she did exclusively with Harper's Bazaar. Lillian walked away from her career in the early 70's because she was unhappy with the new crop of models that were coming up. She literally threw away all of her pics and film. Then in the mid 90's a friend who had saved a lot of her work, coaxed her into working she started recreating her old pics by painting on them...and to this day in her early 90's she is still following the practice but now manipulating with the computer. She is very energetic, feisty and inspiring and this book is completely up my alley...I would have to say my favorite time period!

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