Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Out here in ol' New lips have been so freakin dry! I HAD this amazing product that I would always use when my lips were in bad shape from Kenzo that had an exfoliator on one side and a soothing balm on the other and it was an extreme lifesaver...but it seems they are not making that particular product anymore so I am trying to find some alternatives. I decided to do a little at-home remedy which worked fantastically. I just mixed a little sugar and vitamin E oil together (not too oily, you want a nice thick consistency) and sloughed my lips with it for a few minutes and then removed all the grains of sugar with a tissue and voila' instant softness! Although this is a great (and affordable) alternative, I am still planning on purchasing a stick of some sort for portability purposes. These are some products that I have found that I am interested in...

Sephora "Tricks of the Trade" Lip Peel...I am very interested in this...something that you could apply frequently and have perfect supple lips
This Tarte product, FRXtion is very similar to the Kenzo balm I used! Exfoliant on one side, balm on the other...LOVE!

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