Monday, September 13, 2010


If I were in school, I would wear this for my first day....
If I were in school, I would be about a week late!!

Feeling this vintage Lauren Hutton vibe....
vintage/thrifted from head to toe...(except necklace)
necklace: BootLeg

These pants are Outback Red!! Do you remember Outback Red??? All the rage when I was in middle school! You weren't cool if you didn't have O.R....and guess what?? I was too poor to own it, I had some rip off pieces from KMart! But look at me now 20 some years later I have finally gotten my O.R.!!!

Ahhh, this hat is one of my fave finds ever! I have a gazillion (mayyybe I am exaggerating) vintage hats and I always get so excited for the fall to bust them out!

This belt is another great find...I found 2 of them at the time, this and a turquoise one...beautiful in the front, velcro in the back...tres 80's!

This sheer pale pink shirt is always in my constant rotation in the fall...goes with everything...a million ways to wear ever!!

These shoes are from Kenzie and I got them at Buffalo Exchange in the spring (marked down, of course)...Leather and upholstery...I like to think a little match made in heaven


  1. Hello darling, I'm here from IFB and I've found your blog great! Now I follow via bloglovin ;D.
    I really like your hat and your fabulous nail polish for pedicure. Great style! Xoxo


  2. OMG! I remember Outback Red!! I'm actually wishing I'd held onto a few of my OR pieces--especially the long praired skirt I adored. Sigh. Love how you make them look current.