Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Besides loving the clothes from this collection (we will talk about that on another day)...I am really feeling the hair and makeup...I am DYING over this frizzy disco hair!! I have been WAITING for the day that frizzy hair became socially acceptable again!! No more taming for me...fly free hair, fly free!
LOVE this makeup!!! Smokey eye, bleached out eyebrows and a soft, rosey lip!!! Beautiful! I think the frizzy hair adds such a delicate element to the whole look of face...like the feeling of a watercolor painting

I pulled this out of my old mag clippings from 2001 because obviously I was crushing on this look then and I still am now...I am such a sucker for sweater knee highs, pom poms and layered knits...
This is from Sept Vogue 2010, and again...pile it on! I go CRAZY for a shoe wrapped around a sock over a pant! Furs so big you loose yourself! Lots of layers! Not only completely stylish but practical (in my world) and warm...

My inspirations and obsessions change daily...what do you think of these looks?
Hope you all have a great day!xoxoxo

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