Friday, September 17, 2010


I obviously didn't get the memo about no white after Labor Day...but I really believe that there are no rules anymore. Wear what you want and how you feel. I especially love lots of white in the fall and winter. I am VERY fair and I love drenching myself in a super pale monochromatic look...
Let's not forget a super pale (a lil' frosty) lip for this look...
Vintage hat, Rachel Roy earrings (that are my current obsession), and necklace of my own design...

Thrifted dress that I found last fall...LOVE!!! A button front, tie waist, big pocket dress...Perfection...Love the milky white coloring with dark gray stitching...

Cheapie open-toe booties that you have seen before HERE

Antique glass button ring by Jody Sweitzer (Philadelphia), vintage flower ring, and tribal spiky cuff available at Tribal Souk

How do you feel about white after Labor Day?


  1. I'm old fashioned, I like rules. Remember when women wouldn't wear heels with jeans because it was tacky? I liked that time. I also liked not seeing everyone's underwear, but that's just me. Apparently anyway.

  2. awesome outfit! love that hat! following your adorable blog!!!

  3. i completely agree with you... no rules! i am so digging on your hat!!