Sunday, March 21, 2010


Certain ideas that were brewing in my mind actually meshed with a real life situation...don't you love when that happens? This past Monday I had the extreme privilege of meeting one of my favorite artists, Liz McGrath, while she was passing through Albuquerque on a mini tour with her band Miss Derringer. It was a small show so we got to chat with her afterwards and she was all I imagined...gracious, intelligent and a total fashionista. Her amazing fashion sense is where my world and her presence collided. I had already had the idea of doing a post about piled on accessories when low and behold Miss McGrath had loaded up her wrists and fingers with pounds of jewelry for her performance. On top of THAT her hands were wrapped in these ultra cool leather gloves that were made for her by one of her friends. I love excess. I love BIG accessories and I love LOTS of accessories and that is why I am so charged up about seeing the trend everywhere....
Shameless pic of Liz and I

Miss Derringer

Hot and heavy

My personal arsenal

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