Sunday, October 24, 2010


Top: Forever 21, Jeans: H&M

Jacket: Vintage London Fog (one of my all time luckiest finds...leather bomber for a dollar!! Wha whaaat??)

Necklace: my own design...Lately I have been picking up some big single trinkets here and there and putting them on long chains for a quick and EASY accessory...

Boots: Jeffrey Campbell

Turban: Ahhh yes...this fantastic piece is from Black Market Baby by Audrey Cantwell...I was searching for the perfect turban (FOUND) when I found her site on Etsy...all of her designs are kick ass and I also discovered that she is a fave amongst some of the bloggers whose style I adore...check her out will LOVE her too!!!

///This whole look was centered around the turban. I love the whole turban look but I continually see it styled in a very ethereal, laid back look. I wanted to toughen it the tough bitch I can be sometimes. I guess it is a reflection of my current mood...I've been feeling a bit feisty and a bit pissed off at people who talk a lot of shit and don't do anything they say they will. I really miss the East coast in times like these. You always know where you stand with someone...there are no guessing games and for the most part people do as they say. People in these part are a bit more passive and worry about hurting peoples feeling...nice gesture but I'm sorry, I like my friendships straight up with two olives!///


  1. good for you for sharing your feelings. it feels good to be pissed sometimes! and i like the look of the tough turban. hot. and those boots are AMAZING! i love them!


  2. yes, yours must have been another post about turbans that i read. nice styling!xoxo