Wednesday, June 30, 2010


So there have been some new accessories out there circulating among the fashion world that have really been eating at me...its these Jennifer Behr headbands! Now I think they are cute and all but they are REALLY simple designs and they are CRAZY! BANANAS! OVERBOARD! expensive!! Let's have a look see and I will gripe some more....

Ok, to start there is this Blue Sailors Knot headband for a mere (cough, cough) $172.00

Then there is this obviously much more complicated design... a Vintage Gold Knot Headband for $225.00

Then here is where things get OUTRAGEOUS, this Spiked Turban is $498.00...WHaaWHaaaT??!!!?? Are you serious, oh, I forgot to mention, it is SOLD OUT!

You know, to each their own I guess...but it just makes me mad that in this day and economy someone can charge almost $500.00 for a headband. I don't know much about this Jennifer Behr (and maybe I should school myself) but it seems from her website that she does a lot of bridal headbands, so MAYBE I get it for a wedding, you want to have a nice crystaly $200 and something headband, its a "special occasion", blah de blah de blah...but these are just for casual use unless you are having a nautical or goth themed wedding...hhhmmmm....
I think what gets me is that these headbands are floating around fashion websites and articles like it is not a crazy splurge...And I feel like it is something you can make yourself!! A nice DIY weekend project!!...If I had $500.00 to splurge with, I would buy shoes, maybe that's crazy too...Who knows?? AAggghhhhh!!! I'm making myself crazy!! I am going to leave you with my boyfriend's comment when I was telling him about this post..."Fashion people love expensive shit." Yeah, I guess it all comes down to little items reminding the rest of us what social class we are in!

SIDENOTE: So I was searching around the web to post some cheaper alternatives and I didn't really find any that I loved but I DID find a tutorial on how to make your OWN hair into a rope headband...and I think I LOVE it...check it out HERE!

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