Saturday, April 3, 2010


On this eve of Easter I felt it to be the appropriate time to gripe about my complete disgust with bunny ears in fashion. Ok, so I thought it was a bit whimsical when Marc Jacobs designed abstract silk bunny ears for the Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2009 collection because in my book MJ can do no wrong. But then it continued with Maison Michel's lace version that the Olsen twins apparently made famous when they wore them..(who cares????) But NOW I'm getting pissed when I see ANOTHER pair pop up made out of glass pearls designed by Benoit Missolin!!! (Oh how sweet! WRONG!!) ENOUGH! No one should be sporting bunny ears UNLESS... A) you are five years old B) you are a Playboy bunny or C) you are involved in a kinky bunny fetish relationship!! As you know I am ALL about fashion and can usually always admire trends but this is bananas! Maybe I just don't get it...maybe it's all just over my head...but guess what you will NEVER see on my head!!! Thanks for listening...I feel much better now ahhhhhh...
MJ for Louis Vuitton...(semi acceptable)...also a version that you could get from Topshop...but why??

Seriously???? These are Maison Michel's

The current reason I threw up in my mouth...Benoit Missolin's version

SIDENOTE: I do very much enjoy other works by Maison Michel and Benoit's just the bunny ears that upset me so

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