Sunday, April 25, 2010


Upon a recent closet organization, I realized my apparent interest (obsession, love) for woven belts! I have a gazillion (well maybe I'm exaggerating) belts in my closet and about a million (again with the exaggerations) are some kind of woven or crocheted design. It's funny when you don't realize you have an attraction to something until you have a bunch of it in your face. I just feel the softer look of a woven belt is so current compared to a thick leather belt. It feels very springy to me... I went hunting around the Internet to see if I could put some links up of where you may find woven belts...but I'm not really seeing much...I guess I don't really set the trends!! BUT I have collected most of mine at thrift stores through the I would say check there...oh, well actually the top grayish belt in the bottom pic was purchased at Tres' Boutique in Albuquerque! If any of you happen to find some cool woven belts anywhere please let me know!

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