Friday, November 19, 2010


Dear Lita,
Upon first seeing you...I felt this elated feeling in my stomach. It was love. You are a pretty amazing spectacle. Not only would you provide the height that I currently crave to be but you also made yourself available in every single color and texture possible. Glitter mania! Tapestry toes...LOVE LOVE LOVE! Here is where things get complicated, Lita. Everyone and their mother and their grandmother are wearing you...and quite frankly I am just not that type of girl. I like things for myself, items that no one else really has and my darlin you are not quite cutting have spread yourself around a little too much. So with much regret, I have to say goodbye Lita...I will no longer imagine multiple outfits that I can pair you with, I will long for you no more...

WHY?? Whyyyyy????

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  1. Hello first time here. :) Aside from the text of your entry. I love the shoooess :) :)