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Gretchen and I have a long history together...we met in high school in New Jersey...(in a speed reading class, no less)...Even though we hung out in different groups, I always thought Gretchen was sooo cool...she made all of her own clothes and really had a style like no one elses...I was drawn to her. It wasn't until she moved to Pennsylvania that we started a true friendship...we would right letters back and forth (no email in those days friends). I have to say that I was so excited to have someone who really understood the world the same way I did. We lost contact for a while, but then we both moved to Philadelphia at the same time and reconnected. In Philly, we were always together...hanging out, laughing (lots of laughing) and always planning on producing something in fashion together. We finally did and in 2002 we launched out handbag collection "Lolo + Gretch Dahling" (ahh... yes now the names are all making sense, right?) We had a really good run but our lives evolved and I ended up moving to Albuquerque and so Gretchen took over the company and shortened the name to "Dahling"!! I am so proud of her and her work looks better than ever. Gretchen has been such a major part of my life and has truly evolved me into the artist I am today...she is constantly teaching me new techniques and helping me with ANYTHING I need! I can't imagine what my life would have been like if we never crossed paths...she is truly one of the most inspiring and funniest people I know!!

Dahling Accessories is an independent line of limited edition clutches, wristbags, beltbags and shoulderbags. It is important to me to design pieces that express individual style while being well made. My designs are limited edition. Many of my fabrics are vintage and once the fabric runs out, that's it. I truly believe in designing pieces that are special and affordable. Every bag has a fun lining or special detail that makes it unique.

I am passionate about designing bags that make women excited to get up each morning and wear that special piece. What we wear or carry can sometimes make or break a day, so I want my bags to give confidence and versatility to your wardrobe.

The Dahling Accessories' website launched in November 2009 and it is the portal to all things Dahling. There you can find links to my blog and also to follow me on Twitter ( and facebook ( Dahling Accessories are sold online at my site through Etsy as well in select boutiques.

Question time!
#1 What is your first memory of knowing that you were interested in fashion and that is what you wanted to pursue?
My earliest memory of creating an "outfit" was when I designed and constructed my kindergarten Halloween costume entirely out of grocery bags without my mom's help or anything. But, I guess the real beginning was in high school when I started to experiment with my look and realized my love of vintage clothing. I knew I wanted to do something art related and fashion became my main interest. My senior year of high school I entered this contest to design a clog for John Fluevog. I didn't win, but it really started me on an ambition for designing and it just took off from there.

#2 What or who are your major influences/inspirations that you continually use today?
I have always felt like I missed my era- I love the mod looks of the mid 1960s to the bohemian styles of the late 60s to early 70s. I'm inspired by beautiful fabrics, eye-catching colors, vintage-esque trims and details. Putting fabrics together and designing something from nothing is inspiring to me. I also am so inspired by being around creative people with ambition. Maybe it's that old competitive spirit, but it just pushes me to do more and be better as a designer.

#3 What trend past or present really pisses you off??
Well, I would have to stay I have a few...In the 90s it was rolled up tapered stonewashed jeans- ugh! Now it's jeans that are too tight. I love a good skinny jean, but I see girls in these really tight jeans and it's just plain uncomforable looking and unflattering. The other one from today is this trend for 2-fers (aka faux layered tops). I must say, some are cute...but it's the tops that are supposed to look like there is a tank underneath. Most of the time, you can totally tell it's not layered and I just don't get it- why can't we just figure out which color tank to wear underneath? Have we gotten that lazy? Ok, I'm done...rant concluded.

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xoxoxoxo dahling!! thank you!!

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  1. I love you too, DAHLING!!! You are the absolute best and an inspiration to me as well! XO- Gretch Dahling!