Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I'm just getting over a wicked cold that knocked me on my ass on Sunday...I hate being sick (not like anyone really enjoys it)...but more than the achy, not able to move feeling, I HATE being congested and having to blow my nose A MILLION times...I'm sorry but even those Puff's Plus sucked all the moisture out of my face! By this morning I felt like my face was as dry as the Sahara and as red as a beet AND I can feel two days of sickness layered to my body. So I made some time for a little pampering (not like I'm doing anything else) so I can go back to work tomorrow...
#1. Kiehl's Soothing Gel Masque...I was so happy to pull out this little gem...The gel is sooo cool and soothing...exactly what my skin was craving...I put this on for 20 minutes and literally my redness was reduced immediately and hydration had resumed!!

#2 Origins Salt Rub...This product has been one of my MANY long time favorites and I never really realized how great it was for post cold until today...It is basically sea salt soaked in very rich oils so the scrub factor is divine...and then there is spearmint oil that really helps with opening up your senses (and sinuses)..you really feel like a new person after using it and your skin feels as soft as a baby's bottom!!

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