Thursday, December 24, 2009


While other people have sugar plum fairies dancing around in their heads...these are the things I will be dreaming of..

1. Faux ballerina stockings from Chanel...oh how sweet!
2. Leather/sweater gloves ALSO from Chanel...such lovely simplicity.
I am not normally such a label whore but Karl is really doing it for me
right now...and well...alot of the time...a true genius that lives
off Diet Coke and pineapple!!  And anyways...this is my 
dream..I can fantasize about whatever I want...I shouldn't have
to explain myself!
3.  AND...Pizelles!!!!!  I am craving them!!! Anyone know
where I can get some serious homemade 
pizelles in Albuquerque??

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