Wednesday, December 16, 2009


One of my all time favorite natural products is olive oil.  Especially right about now when the weather is so dry and your skin and hair are really feeling it!!...A facial cleanser that I discovered a few years ago and have been addicted to ever since is DHC's Cleansing Oil, which is made of olive oil and vitamin E...some people may feel weird putting oil on their skin but it is actually delicate enough for all skin types and really cleanses your skin like no other product I have ever tried.  DHC is a Japanese company...Japanese have a different view of skincare then Americans, they believe in softening the skin instead of scraping and exfoliating.  The Cleansing Oil does just leaves your skin so soft and keeps your moisture levels balanced.  
I also like to use just plain olive oil in my this is not recommended for everyone, but those of you with thick course hair like mine know that it gets so dried out this time of year and looses its shine.  When I have time I will do a deep olive oil treatment where I apply it to my clean damp (not soaked) hair and wrap plastic wrap around to then leave it on for an hour or more.  You can also use the hair dryer (plenty away from your head!!) to heat up the oil under the wrap.  Remove wrap, rinse and style as usual.  I also like to use just a little!! little!! (a little goes a long way!!) bit on my hair as a spot shine product...don't use too much because it can get greasy but it is the perfect at-home solution for hair that is less than lack luster!!

UPDATE 12/22..I forgot to mention another thing I use olive oil cuticles!  It is such a great oil to dab onto those dry torn up nails!  If anyone else has any uses of olive oil for beauty maintenance...let me know I would love to hear about them!

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