Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Just wanted to share with you two of my favorite lip colors right now!!...they are a bit holiday inspired but they can definitely be worn year round.  The first is a Sephora brand Lip Attitude-Star..this particular shade is Excited Pink...but there are a VARIETY of colors to choose from.  The other shade I recommend for a serious burst of color is Capricious Red...They have small bits of glitter (don't be afraid), they show up super shiny not gaudy!  These are for the girl that wants a pop of color but still wants that demure sheerness!The next has been one of my favorites for a little while now...Laura Mercier's Lip Stain in Scarlet. It is BOLD so it takes a bit of guts to pull off but it's nothing less than super, super sexy!  Think Mad Men!  Think Twin Peaks!  Mmmmm...some of my favorite looks!  The best thing about this is it's a stain...so staying power is unbeatable and even when it is wearing off a bit it stains your lips in a way that makes you look like you've been making out for an hour!


  1. I love my new lipstick, thanks Lori! That was fun.

  2. I am so glad!! Anytime you need any makeup advice..let me know! xoxo