Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Lately I have been noticing something that makes me very happy, I think the desire to have stick straight hair is passing!! I've noticed girls just letting their waves go a bit and I love it! I have naturally curly hair...really curly hair and it's something I have been battling with all my life. As I have gotten older I have really accepted it and love being different but it hasn't always been like that...when I was younger I used to try to brush it out...holy frizz!! As I matured I embraced it for a while but then the whole "straight hair" trend was happening and I wanted in on it too! I would either get blowouts all the time or straighten it myself with my amazing GHD straightener...but now that tool has had a lonely life in a drawer. My hair is waaaay too long to straighten's out of control! You know, I didn't have anyone else in my family that had curly hair (I got it from my Italian grandmother who passed when I was little) I really didn't understand I matured a bit I started really looking to celebrities for comfort. Here is my ode to curly hair... an older pic of me when I looooved my hair....

Jimi idol in so many ways..I have always felt a special kinship with last name is Hedrick and a lot of people used to call me Jimi when I was growing up because of my last name AND I had crazy curly hair...he is one of my style icons and one of my favorite musicians EVER! I am in love with his crazy's kinda what I look like in the morning!

Carol Kane! I always remember watching "License To Drive" (I know, don't judge) and being obsessed with her hairdo in that...I couldn't find a pic but she had a crazy afro top with long thick braids on each side! Besides enjoying her in any movie she is in, I love being mesmerised with her tendrils!

SLASH...What else can I say except amazing rock and roll hair! When GNR first came out I was sooo in love with Slash (well, I still am) but I felt like he was the only person in the world who knew what it was like to have my hair! This is closest to what my hair looks like currently!

Karen of my favorite supermodels...I love curly hair and I love red hair...enough said...I am a total sucker for her ethereal look.

Alison Goldfrapp...I have been totally digging Alison for her styling...she has a very vintage quality to her look and I love it...I just recently saw her perform on Jools Holland and could not stop drooling over her cropped chaos of curls!!

And back to moi hair is the longest its been since high school, but I'm kind of digging's crazy... but as SOON as I get some money I am getting my hair "did"...but something closer to the cut of top pic!...also, I just realized I am always posing to the left! What the hell? I really need to work on that!

****I would love to hear any of your curly hair stories or any curly hair icons you have! Drop me a line Dahlings!****

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