Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Save Our Skin!!  This is my favorite, FAVORITE winter skin moisturizer!  Now that the weather is getting cold and you skin is shriveling to a prune, feed it some moisture!  Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula has been a lifetime product for me!  It has a thick creamy texture that just soaks into your skin and the fragrance of cocoa is amazing!!  I use it just when I get out of the shower so my skin feels sooo silky smooth all day long!  I also use a concentrated formula that comes in a jar for my super dry elbows and chest.  It has also been well known as the BEST product for stretch marks!  Palmer's is a completely affordable product that you can pick up at ANY drug store.  And for those as you that don't like a thick lotion, there is also oils and gels.  Also if you are not feeling that cocoa smell (which I can't understand because I am crazy for it) there is also a Shea Butter Formula.  So smooth up my friends!

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